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  • Стивен Лиой


    I'm a travel photographer and writer based in the Central Asian city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Though I'm passionate about culture, nature, and travel; photography has come to define my travels as one central focal point to express appreciation for the incredible world we live in.

    I grew up and went to college in Louisiana and initially left the USA to move to China, but after a year and a half there departed to wander down a path that would eventually lead to Central Asia and Bishkek. When not traveling or taking photos, I can often be found drinking coffee and reading on the balcony of my 6th floor apartment overlooking one of Bishkek's central squares.

    I specialize in creating travel-related media, from on-site engagement/honeymoon photography in exotic locales to travel articles and photo sets highlighting international destinations. When not in Central Asia, I'm based primarily in the Texas Hill Country area.


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  • I’m Alex Reynolds (short for Alexandra), an American girl backpacking hither and thither around the planet. No need for fanfare, I’m just an ordinary twenty-something-year-old who sold everything, left a “real person” job, and decided to travel the world for a while.

    My life fits into two backpacks, I am perpetually getting lost, and I dream of one day filling an entire passport. Update: I filled one, it was stressful to replace. New dream: SPACE TRAVEL.

  • We are Alesha and Jarryd, an Australian couple travelling the world together since 2008. After falling in love in a hostel bar in Vancouver, Canada, we set about creating a life for ourselves that would keep us on the road for as long as possible. After 7 years we've managed to sustain our lifestyle and inspired countless others to do the same!

    Our biggest passions in life are travel, photography, adventure and documenting our experiences with new cultures and in off-the-beaten-path destinations.

    What started as a personal blog to document our four-year trip backpacking overland from Thailand to South Africa without flying, has now expanded to become one of the most popular adventure travel blogs on the internet. Besides writing for NOMADasaurus, we also work for and are regularly featured by a whole range of media publications, such as BBC Travel, CNN, Yahoo! Travel, BuzzFeed, Business Insider, Forbes, The Daily Mail, News.com.au and plenty more.

  • Данат Алиев


    Danat Aliyev is one of the most popular travel blogger in Kazakhstan. He began traveling actively in 2008, and now, more than 10 years later, he can confidently say that he has visited 6 continents and more than dozens of countries around the world. Danat carefully documents all of his incredible trips on his Instagram blog, where he now has more than 105,000 followers.

Швейцарский проект по устойчивому развитию зимнего туризма в Кыргызстане